I Musicanti at St Johns Smith Square, 2017-18: Alexandra and the Russians


    I Musicanti and their artistic director Leon Bosch return to St John’s Smith Square for ‘Alexandra and the Russians’, a second season of work from the chamber music repertoire partnered with new commissions. While the emphasis is on grand music from the time of imperial Russia in the shape of Tchaikovsky, Glinka and […]

I Musicanti Perform at St John’s Smith Square


I Musicanti are delighted to announce they will be performing a short series of concerts in the new 2016/17 season at St John’s Smith Square, London. These concerts will take place on Sunday 8th January, 3pm, Sunday 5th March, 3pm, and Sunday 28th May, 3pm. The ensemble will perform the following programmes: Sunday 8th January Mozart  Piano Quartet in Eb K493 […]

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The artists who make up I Musicanti are all distinguished performers. They play in the best orchestras and as soloists and chamber musicians; they appear in concert halls internationally and on recordings; they are based in Britain but come from around the world.

What unites them is their ceaseless musical curiosity, a palpable sense of adventure and an unswerving commitment to excellence.

I Musicanti was formed in 2013 by its artistic director, the internationally renowned double bass virtuoso Leon Bosch.

“The overwhelming majority of professional musicians probably recognise the moment when their artistic ambitions and the reality of the music profession intersect, and it is often at this point that lovingly nurtured dreams and ambitions evaporate. The desperate need to earn a living, in an increasingly casual profession of self-employed artists, subordinates the search for true meaning to the crass question of survival. It nearly led me to abandon music, despite my own all-consuming passion for it and for the double bass in particular.”

Instead, Bosch has set up I Musicanti as an outlet for his insatiable curiosity and that of his colleagues. The group explores not only the much beloved masterpieces of the chamber music repertoire, but neglected work by great composers, great works by neglected composers and the rich creative output of our own time.

“I Musicanti embodies the universally cherished ideal of total artistic freedom and unrestrained self-expression, and it aims to provide a home to creative and imaginative artists who share the ambition of realising this dream.”

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